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Jiaolong postpones 2nd deep sea dive

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-06-18 09:48

ABOARD XIANAGYANAGHONG 09 - China's manned deep-sea submersible, the Jiaolong, canceled its second dive mission into the Mariana Trench originally scheduled for Monday morning due to an overhaul of the Hydraulic system.

If the weather and sea conditions permit, the Jiaolong will try the second dive on Tuesday, according to the on-scene headquarters.

Last Friday, the vessel set a new national record by reaching the depth of 6,671 meters below the sea in the first dive, well surpassing the previous record of 5188 meters made last July.

The Jiaolong plans to try six dives to challenge the depth of 7,000 meters. The mission had been affected and delayed by tropical storm "Guchao" several times.

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