HK records over 380,000 arrivals on October 1

Updated: 2010-10-02 13:12
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Hong Kong - A total of 380,793 people entered Hong Kong through various control points on October 1, according to statistics provided by the city's Immigration Department on Saturday.

Of the 380,793 passengers arrived in Hong Kong on Friday, when Chinese Mainland's "golden week" holiday began, 117,409 were mainland visitors, the department's statistics showed.

Most arrivals made their way to the city through Lo Wu, an overland port linking Shenzhen, Mainland, in which a total of 143, 017 were recorded.

Lok Ma Chau, another port connecting the Mainland, became the second busiest port, received 56,810 passengers; while 45,656 came by air.

As for departure, 365,369 people left Hong Kong on October 1, which is a public holiday in celebration of National Day.