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About US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue
Updated: 2009-07-24 10:22

What Is the Difference between the S&ED and the SED?

The S&ED is organized around a high‐level, cross‐cutting structure that addresses the geopolitical nature of our mutual concerns in strategic and economic discussions. The S&ED provides a forum for ongoing and productive bilateral engagement between U.S. and Chinese officials with diverse responsibilities for both economic and strategic issues. The structure of the S&ED allows for a plenary session to discuss issues of cross‐cutting strategic and economic importance, while maintaining distinct strategic and economic tracks. Each respective track will involve focused discussions on issues of mutual immediate and long‐term strategic or economic interest. The S&ED will meet annually to facilitate robust engagement and progress between dialogues through coordination with existing bilateral dialogues and working‐level interactions.

In 2006, then President George W. Bush and President Hu Jintao created the Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) to provide an overarching framework for ongoing bilateral economic dialogues and future economic and financial relations. The SED was convened semi‐annually and led by Secretary of the Treasury on the U.S. side and a Vice Premier on the Chinese side.

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