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Exchanges and Cooperation in Other Fields
Updated: 2009-06-01 15:14

The two countries have seen sound development of exchanges and cooperation in the scientific, technological, educational, cultural and military fields. In 1992, Scientific and Technological Agreement was signed and the joint committee of science and technology set up, which held 3 joint committee meetings successively in 1994, 1999, and 2002. China and Malaysia also signed Agreement on Cooperation in and Exchange of Broadcasting and TV Programmes in 1992, Memorandum of understanding on Promotion of Sino-Malaysian Sport Exchange and Uplift of Standards of Physical Education in 1993, Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Exchanges in 1997, Agreement on Cultural Cooperation in 1999 and Memorandum of Understanding on Aviation Cooperation between China and Malaysia in 2002.

In 1995, with the establishment of military attaché offices in both countries, China and Malaysia have witnessed growing contacts and exchanges of visits between their military circles. China's navy formation fleet visited Malaysia respectively in 199 and 2001. in August 2002, Malaysia's fleet visited China for the third time. In September of 2002, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor cum Minister of Defence Chi Haotian made a stopover in Malaysia and had a meeting with Malaysian Minister of Defence Najib.

The two countries had close cooperation in tourism. In 2002, Chinese tourists to Malaysia reached 0.557 million person-times, who were the major source of tourists for Malaysia. In the same year, Malaysian tourists to China reached NO.592 million person-times.

In 1991, China set up its Xinghua New Agency office in Malaysia. The Malaysian-Chinese Friendship Association and Chinese-Malaysian Friendship Association were founded respectively in 1992 and 1993. Prime Minister Mahathir was the guardian of the Malaysian-Chinese Friendship Association. Friendly relations have been established between Xiamen and Pinang Jiangsu and Malacca.