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Xi offers fresh thinking for a new era

China Daily | Updated: 2017-10-25 06:56

Xi offers fresh thinking for a new era

The 19th CPC National Congress introduced Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. How do you think it will guide China's future?

In 1978, many people in the West thought China had aims and targets of which there was no evidence they could be achieved. They were achieved. So when one looks at the targets for 2021, 2035 and 2049, we can expect that they are well thought through and tested, and will be achieved based on the experience of the past 38 years. Some Western media try to find holes in the Chinese plans, but China develops well beyond Western levels of success.

So the concept of sharing the wealth of a productive and modern China, and caring for the people of China responsibly, comes through as the two characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. These two targets look very capable of success now that the foundations are down. The new China is coming into focus and will be a great benefit to the people of China. A socialist market economy will be the first in the world and is very likely to illuminate routes for many nations.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said China has embarked on a "new era" in its development while spelling out a two-stage development plan for the country. What do you think of that? What is happening in China that impresses you the most?

China is on a journey from feudalism to socialism with Chinese characteristics. These are not mere ideological words, as we can see from the wonderful transformation of the lives on hundreds of millions of Chinese. From 2012 to 2035, we shall see the completion of the managed market economy and its role in developing a modern and fully active global China. From 2035, we shall see the transition to more shared wealth in China.

All nations talk about moving from low income to high income, avoiding the middle income trap, and being major global nations with new and good human values. China has been successful with 1.4 billion people, and China's starting point in 1949 was much worse. It is the emergence of China as a thinking and doing nation that values sharing and caring that is so special.

Xi has pledged to develop a modern economy. What are your expectations for that?

It is about being at the forefront of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, and innovations in human development. It is not mere words, as we can see China has achieved what it set out to achieve from 1978 onward. In this next era, the creation of selfless officials and attacking corruption are key. Although talked about in other countries, we can see China is for real. China will match developed nations, but it will not be based on consumer debt. It will have its own characteristics, and Western media have yet to comprehend that China is not trying to be like the West. China is China.

China is the world's fastest-growing economy, and millions of people have been lifted out of poverty. What do you feel has been the key to such achievements? And what do you think of the Chinese development model?

The key has been the innovative and hardworking Party, who never sit back and always lead from the front. They are usually modest and unidentifiable people. The key is the scientific method and the belief in their history and their customization of socialism.

China has been making efforts to reform and develop the global governance system. How do you think China's experience and wisdom can benefit countries and people around the world?

This is a 50-year task, but as Mao Zedong said, every journey begins with a first step. Global governance has usually reflected the existence of empires who stamp their own needs on global governance. China's approach is to establish global norms through discussion and then help the world have a fair governance system that is as fair to a person in Nairobi as it is to a person in Chicago. It will create mechanisms for addressing tensions and a way of working that embraces nonconfrontational methods but does not avoid being prepared.

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