China stance

Hu pledges further support to solve eurozone woes

Chinese President Hu Jintao said Saturday China will work with the rest of the international community to support Europe's efforts to solve the debt woes and promote economic stability.

China on alert for possible Grexit

China must take precautions against a possible exit by debt-ridden Greece from the eurozone, as an exit could cause turbulence in global financial markets and hurt exports and growth.

EU must get firm grip on debt crisis

China urged Europe and the upcoming G20 summit to reach a "timely" and "decisive" consensus to prevent the European financial crisis from spreading.

Weal & Woe

FDI outlook darkens amid European debt crisis

Foreign investment capital inflows may have slowed last month, and there might have even been an outflow driven by hedging risks, amid market worries over the European debt crisis and China's economic slowdown.

Protectionism and disputes 'will rise'

Although Chinese and European leaders pledged to refrain from trade protection measures, industry insiders warned that Chinese exporters are expected to face an even tougher reality in the European market.

China may become EU's biggest market

China may overtake the US to become the European Union's biggest exports destination this year, the EU ambassador to China said on Monday.


No short-term end to eurozone crisis

Chinese economists and business leaders point out that the eurozone debt crisis is far from easing up, despite Greece's choice to stay with the EU.

Europe on tough road to reform: Barclays

Reform of Europe's financial system and economy will follow a thorny path, even though the Greek election pulled the country back from the brink of exiting the euro, according Barclays Plc.

EU help must be tied to IMF reform

China's contribution to any European Union (EU) bailout through the IMF must be linked to quota reform by the international institution, said Li Daokui, a leading Chinese economist.