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Daryl Guppy

Oil price trend remains up

Oil is a slippery substance easily held hostage to supply disruptions through natural events, wars, cartel agreements and political decisions.

Xin Zhiming

Moving deckchairs on Titanic

As if dancing in tune with Premier Wen Jiabao's remarks over the weekend, the Chinese stock market plummeted 5.1 percent on Monday to its lowest close in a year.

Biz Unusual

Qing palace sale attracts State companies' interest

A courtyard house next to Beihai Park that was once part of a Qing dynasty palace is being advertised online for 420 million yuan and attracting the interest of State-owned enterprises.

New deal for commercial flights over the Great Wall

Old train tickets and the memory of yesteryear

'Hometowns' battle to claim their celebrities

Equestrian enthusiasts advocate riding horses to work

Major Markets
Name Value Change Time
Shanghai -0.58% Thur 2,794.27
Shenzhen -0.26% Thur 12,392.93
HSI +0.06% Thur 22,530.18
NIKKEI -0.11% Thur 10,071.14
Dow +0.74% Thur 12,719.49
Nasdaq +1.36% Thur 2,872.66