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The fifth China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue are aimed at trade and other disputes between the world’s two largest economies, and to promote cooperation on managing the global economy, climate change and other issues. The three main issues to be discussed in the two-day talks will be enlarging sino-US trade, facilitating structural reforms, and enhancing cooperation in financial markets. The dialogue was established in April 2009, and represents the highest-level bilateral forum to discuss a broad range of issues between the two countries. The dialogue is an essential step in advancing a positive, constructive, and comprehensive relationship between the sides.

Major Issues

China-US S&ED useful to move forward bilateral agenda: experts

The just concluded fifth round of US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue can help to move forward the bilateral agenda in a positive way.

Tolerance for slowdown

A senior Chinese official has signaled Beijing's greater tolerance toward an economic slowdown by saying that China's expected GDP growth rate this year is 7 percent.



'Bernanke shock' necessary

Two weeks after the "Bernanke shock", the stock and currency markets have returned to a normal state.

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