Focus of previous Central Economic Work Conferences

Maintain stable economic growth

Combat inflation and maintain stable and relatively fast economic growth

Maintain the continuity and stability of economic policies and continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy

Bolster employment and domestic demand and reduce excessive dependence on exports

Shift monetary policy from "prudent" to "tight"

Realize sound and fast economic growth

Maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policy and improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth

Enhance and improve macro-regulation, promote reform and opening-up, and push forward economic structure adjustment

Maintain a stable macro-economic policy while making appropriate readjustments

Continue with the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy

Expand domestic consumption and speed up economic restructuring


Fungus trade problems remain despite rules

In one area of the Tibet autonomous region, marriages of convenience by couples trying to get their hands on valuable caterpillar fungus were so common that authorities introduced rules to put a stop to it.

China eyes WTO panel to settle disputes: MOC

Fiscal cliff looms large over trade talks

China vows to protect foreign investors' interests

China's foreign exchange funds fall in Nov


The Central Economic Work Conference has been held regularly at the end of every year since 1994.

It is the country's highest economic meeting, held by the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the State Council.

Leaders at the conference review the country's economic works in the past year, and maps out economic plans for the coming year.