Editor's Note: With China the largest developing country in the world, how its cities develop is of great significance both within China and beyond. The China Daily website invites officials, experts and entrepreneurs to share their perspectives and experiences on how to strike a balance between economic growth and climate concerns in urban development.

Mr Chen Guangbiao, chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources Co Ltd, is called the Top Philanthropist in China. He was also cited as the national Earthquake Relief Hero, National Moral Model and so on. Recently he changed his name to Chen Ditan (meaning low carbon in Chinese) to advocate low carbon efforts.

Low carbon works are the biggest philanthropy (I)

I'm worthy of the title 'Low Carbon Ambassador' (II)

Mayors should focus on welfare, low-carbon economy (III)
Quotable Quotes
Ronald Denom
Low-carbon city is hundreds, it's thousands of little actions that added up all together end up producing carbon.

Jorge Mora
But what is the main challenge? It's not about what your government wants. It's not about if it's possible or not. It is about what you Chinese citizens really want.

Deborah A. McCarthy
Our challenge is to come up with a global norm. That will enable us to all be on the same line or sheet of music.

Chen Guangbiao
Now we have forest police, why shouldn't we establish an environment police?

Zheng Guoguang
The country wants to develop nuclear power. The safety questions, atmospheric environment evaluation questions and, possibly, emergency response questions must be taken into consideration.

Liu Zhengdong
Aluminum is, in the short term, an industry of high-energy consumption. But in the long term, it is a high energy-carrying industry.

Liu Tongbo
I think Beijing should also develop more bicycle lines. This is a good way to improve the traffic and the air quality.

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