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ChiNext: to boom or to doom?
Stocks on ChiNext, the country's NASDAQ-style board for domestic start-up firms, rode on a roller coaster on the first two trading days: soaring at debut and taking a sudden turn on the second day.
All stocks trigger suspensions on ChiNext's debut
All 28 stocks on China's new Nasdaq-style market for small and medium-sized companies had been temporarily suspended within the first two hours of trading on its opening day Friday.
Mutual funds make beeline to ChiNext
Chinese mutual fund companies have swarmed into the country's newly launched growth enterprise board, or ChiNext, eyeing potentially quick profits even as the mutual funds industry itself reported $8 billion in losses during the third quarter.
Firms on ChiNext
Huayi Brothers, a Beijing-based media corporation, aims to raise 1.2 billion yuan in the initial public offering on ChiNext.

Window into the future
"The initial public offering (IPO) will not only provide an opportunity for SIASUN to grow faster, but also boost the development of China's robot industry," said Qu Daokui, president of SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.


From the Watchdog
The market regulator is vetting applications from 149 companies that intend to raise a combined 33.6 billion yuan ($4.9 billion) via IPOs on the Growth Enterprise Board.

CRSC to launch ChiNext oversight division
China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) will set up an extra division within the supervisory body to supervise ChiNext-listed companies and their sponsors, CSRC said yesterday.


The first 10 firms due to list on China's GEB plan to sell shares at prices 50 percent above their mainboard peers, just as worries over speculation spurred officials to tighten rules.

Small investors see big opportunities from China's NASDAQ
Talk about China's long-awaited NASDAQ-style Growth Enterprise Board (GEB) is heating up among Chinese investors, but most of them have adopted a wait-and-see approach.


Financial Intermediaries
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Don't fret over high PE numbers, says Greifeld
Chinese regulators and investors should be more concerned about issues like market transparency and fairness rather than worry too much over the high price-to-earnings (PE) ratios of ChiNext.

Excessive valuations
The tremendous enthu-siasm that investors showed when trading of the 28 companies listed on China's Nasdaq-style start-up board debuted yesterday is a public endorsement to the government's effort to build a multi-tier capital market system.

Main boards may feel little impact from GEB debut
The trading debut of the GEB later this month may not have a significant impact on the nation's main board markets in the next few weeks, according to analysts.



What is the GEB?
After its launch this month in Shenzhen, the Growth Enterprise Board (GEB, also known as ChiNext board) will strive to function as does America's National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, known as NASDAQ.

Frequently asked questions about ChiNext
What is ChiNext? How does ChiNext differ from the main boards? Why is ChiNext being launched? What type of company can be listed on ChiNext? Do other countries have similar boards?

The stars who are sharing the limelight
Here are some of the more unique shareholders on ChiNext market. Most mysterious: Wan Yingnu; Youngest: Dang Weizhen; Most invisible: Qingdao Derui Investment Corp; Richest: Pu Zhongjie.